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a bad thing happened

in my family. specifically to my sister. I don't really use this journal except to talk about really personal things because LJ feels fairly private to me. and I need to talk about this because I'm still processing quite a lot.

under a spoiler tag because cuts don't show up in direct links?

[warning for animal abuse and just general bad feelings :(]
backstory: my sister struggles with depression and anxiety, like me. she broke up with her fiance about 6 months ago because he wasn't supportive enough. at that point they had both moved 4 hours away and got a dog whom they raised as a puppy, named Natasha.

flash forward to now, she has a boyfriend whom she met on the internet and who flew from CA to live with her. he also has mental health problems. I bring this up because about a week ago I was told that her bf "wasn't handling his depression very well" and "police were involved". I never got details but needless to say everyone got kind of freaked out and his grandmother bought him a plane ticket to come home for the 16th, tomorrow.

today I came home to hear that Natasha is dead. the story is that she got her foot caught in her bandana and had a bad fall down the stairs but as soon as my dad said my sister was at school when it happened I got really suspicious. my parents are too and they're leaving now to check on things and stay with my sister.

I didn't trust this fucker since we went to dinner with him and he felt the need to wear a 12" knife on his hip. my sister's ex checked on her since Natasha was his dog too, but he just left. I don't want her alone with him but my sister doesn't make friends well so I don't think there's anyone she would stay with until my parents get there.

I'm really fucking disturbed and mad. I've never hated anyone in my life really, but I hate this guy, if he really did anything to hurt my sister's dog.

she was the perfect dog too, so sweet and loving and excitable and well trained and my sister loved her so, so much. fuck this whole fucked up situation.

TH Video Collectors, I need your help!

I'm making a video collage type thing for the boys' Monsoon contest. If you have any of these videos in their fullest length possible (including intros) I would greatly appreciate receiving them ;w;

-Monsoon @ 2007 EMAs
-Monsoon @ 2011 VMAJs
-Monsun @ 2010 Tokyo Showcase

Thank yooooooou in advance <333333333

Oct. 11th, 2010

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Lovely drawing by pookykabuki <3

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